Dental Assistant vs Dental Hygienists

A lot of individuals usually confuse dental hygienists careers with those of dental assistants. Other than the fact that these two occupations are in dental care, they are actually quite different from each other and have different tasks. Dental assistant duties involve lab and office work that are connected to patient care. These assistants are not permitted to do the duties that hygienists are allowed to do. Basically, assistants offer help to professional licensed dentists.

There are many kinds of duties that dental assistants do depending on their work environment. Usually the tasks they are responsible for include sterilizing instruments and arranging instrument trays. Instrument trays have to be complete with all the tools and equipment that are needed for the dental procedure to be performed. Cleansing and sterilizing these instruments properly is very important to providing the best dental care to patients. It is their job to make sure that all the things are ready for use for the dentist so that the dental procedure will go according to plan. These assistants provide help not only to dentists but also to dental hygienists.

There are some who would rather not be in school for long and would rather begin working immediately. If this is how you feel, then it would be ideal for you to become a dental assistant. These assistants do not need to graduate from any program seeing as the skills that are gained are learned from training on the job. However, there are still some who would prefer to get training by joining a program. But knowing that you don’t have to complete a program or a degree just to find work is a good thing for some. Obtaining a license is not mandatory as well. On the other hand, dental hygienists cannot practice until they have earned their license.

The responsibilities of a dental hygienist are quite different from the duties of a dental assistant. A dentist supervises hygienists and they do procedures and techniques that dentists used to perform years ago. Basically, the duties of a hygienists consists of doing preventive oral care, offering dental assistance to dentists in oral procedures, curing gum disease, and also administering local anesthetic. In addition, they must notify patients of correct oral hygiene in order to promote dental health. Having dental hygienists for assistance enables dentists to focus and take care of dental procedures that are more critical.

It is obvious that dental assistant duties are not the same as those of a dental hygienist. Even if dental hygienists have the chance to make more, there are also advantages to becoming a dental assistant. In this career you do not have to graduate from a program, which is ideal for those who want to start work immediately and are not able to pay for a program. Another is that as an assistant, you do not have to get a license, which is good if you aren’t good at taking tests.

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